Consumers Should Check Credit Card Statements for Double Charges

In a major mistake by the Lloyds Banking Group, thousands of consumers were charged double for their purchases on December 31, 2010. These charges which came on New Year’s Eve, were reported by some consumers before the company realised it had created the error by accident. This was one of the busiest days of the year for credit card activity; so many people were affected by this mistake. The charges will show up on credit card statements which will be sent out later in January.

The number of people who were out on New Year’s Eve is estimated around 200,000. This huge number of people will likely notice the mistake after the fact, since the error was made by the credit card company and not the individual merchants. The issue came from the software and associated payment processing service which Lloyds offers to clients of its services. The exact location of the error was found in the Lloyds TSB Cardnet program.

This error may have affected users in a variety of different ways and with a number of different banks. Retailers experienced a system error with some of their equipment, including wireless devices designed to accept credit card payments.

Some of the examples which already made their way into the news include one man in the UK who used a Tesco card backed by Mastercard to make a payment for his meal at a restaurant in London, England, during the big celebration for New Year’s. The client saw that he was charged for the food on January 03 and then again on January 04. This caused the client to contact the restaurant which in turn contacted the credit card issuers. To the credit of the restaurant, it did contact all customers personally who seemed to have been double charged.

In response to these critical errors, the Lloyds group issued a formal apology for the problems associated with the double charging. In addition, Lloyds reported to the BBC that there were some technical issues involved with the double charging. Lloyds reported that only certain payments from card holders were affected to certain merchants. Lloyds has reversed all of these double payments and the amount will be reimbursed within the coming days.

In order to help with any misunderstanding involving this matter, Lloyds set up a separate phone number for consumers to call regarding possible double charging. The bank has stated that it will look into any reasonable claim of a double payment that occurred on December 31 or January 01. The phone number to call is 01268 567100. Callers should select the 4th option which will redirect callers to a customer service representative which will be able to help with the problems. Thus, Lloyds is showing that it will try to honour any problems which have arisen from the double payments. For those who believe they have been double charged, Lloyds has stated it is dedicated to issuing full refunds for the error involving the double charging of credit cards.