The Sharp Increase in Credit Card Debt Problems in Dorset

Recently a major charity in Dorset reported that the citizens of this area of the United Kingdom have been facing an extraordinarily high level of credit card debt problems. The charity, which is known as Shelter, issued its report to major media outlets in the UK and abroad, echoing the sentiment of the people living there. They have an average debt for each person floating above £6,000. This comes on the heels of another busy holiday season which saw spending increase over levels of previous years.

Shelter, the charity which made this report, has claimed it has brought aid to increasing numbers of people who hail from Dorset. These people are struggling with their living expenses, and often have to choose between paying rent or paying down their credit card debt. The total number that Shelter has put on the debt level is around £1.7 million just last year alone. Because of issues involving interest, the charity believes this level will increase in 2011 if the group can afford to handle this financing.

Shelter made a special report to the BBC recently regarding its branch located in the Bournemouth area. This service which specializes in debt relief programs said that the average amount of debt for each of its clients was £6,258. The average number of creditors that each person owed this credit card debt to was four. The service manager of the Bournemouth branch of Shelter urged anyone in this position to seek help immediately.

Shelter has mirrored the reports from its clientele who claim they are using credit cards in the UK to pay their mortgages or their rent. This month to month existence seems to be a reality for many people living in the UK right now. Despite these claims, many lenders stated that they would not accept credit cards as payment for mortgage or rent.

The head of the Shelter charity in this region said that the people in the Dorset area consultancy centre are reporting widespread issues involving credit cards. Despite the convenience and savings that credit cards offer to many, mistreating them can lead to severe debt problems. It is these kinds of issues that are forcing many in the UK to use credit cards to keep a roof over their heads. It is a daily struggle for these citizens to fight, balancing collection dates with interest rates and living expenses. In addition, the recent numbers released by the government considering unemployment make the situation worse as many people in Dorset have been laid off or fired.

For those in Dorset, the situation may get worse involving the number of people with severe credit card problems. The price of a house or the cost of monthly rent in Dorset is quite high already. As prices continue to rise, people will be forced to increase their debt load in order to stay at home. Rent arrears and the state of being homeless are concerns which were issued by the chief executive of Citizens Advice, Gillian Guy. Credit card debt remains a major concern in Dorset.